Agility, Technology, and Innovation are the focus of the 23rd Edition of the Insurance Week

Semana del Seguro

26 Feb Agility, Technology, and Innovation are the focus of the 23rd Edition of the Insurance Week

We have visited the ‘2016 Insurance Week’ organised by INESE at IFEMA North Convention Centre, in Madrid, where the main actors of the insurance activity and thousands of visitors met under the mottoes “Boosting your Ideas” and “Strengthening your Business”.

Prominent companies like Santalucía, Asisa, Race, Mutua Madrileña, Aegon, Mapfre and Alliance, among more than 70 industry-related companies, participated in this 23rd edition. Lots of presentations and acts took place for introducing and discussing interesting aspects for this sector and their stakeholders, which provided an updated vision that helped us understand the challenges facing the digital transformation in the global insurance environment and the repercussions on large risks.


This is the challenge for the insurance industry in the coming years: adapting to the digital era in order to survive, starting from a legacy that must be adapted to our time and to market demands.

But not just in any manner. New patterns are aware of the fact that each implemented action is directed to improve the customer experience.

They must determine the objectives, analyse the data and create a strategy for updating and feeding already existing infrastructures. Analysing customers is essential to understand their needs, as new generations speak two ‘languages’ (English and technology), and for these new customer profiles to be served their value must be known in order to be managed.

In these new typologies, the customer is social, digital and mobile, and organisations must be adapted to this digital transformation. In addition to the required changes in the regulations, marketing must be performed with new strategic solutions, new products and new ways of communicating with customers.

In short, the sector is aware that they must change customer relationships and understand trends and peculiarities, and use technology and specialised services for attracting new consumers.

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