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13 Mar Do things differently


In the job, we can start doing things “differently”

The Integrated Employment Services of the Spanish Red Cross have been attending unemployed people for 15 years now, trying to find a job for them regardless of the age, gender, race, education or social condition.

Thanks to the close collaboration with the business industry and the support provided to labour needs, its Employment Plan has participated so far in vocational/professional integration programs, covering 411,000 people through 27 centres distributed in the Autonomous Region of Madrid.

In ActionsDATA, as in many other service companies under continuous recruitment processes, we made ourselves a simple yet awkward question: Why not start doing things “differently”? From our experience, we know that job seekers, most of the times, ignore where to start.

How to re-enter the wheel?


We are all aware of how difficult is to find a job, and it may seem paradoxical that though opportunities arise in companies no efficient methods exist to find the right people for those jobs.

The mediation service is important to us through managing job offers and pre-selecting candidates based on the requested profile, but we believe that the support provided to the unemployed is even more important during the search process and tracking actions related to the hiring process by providing advice, training on required practices, how to conduct interviews and other subjects that may facilitate professional integration.


This necessary coordination with the company is what made us move in a different direction and be one of the 5,000 companies that used Spanish Red Cross for managing job offers and covering staff requirements in an agile, efficient and, above all, responsible manner.

The underlying reality in recent years is a situation where new profiles of people are now vulnerable to unemployment; groups of people unemployed for a long time in danger of social exclusion.

Therefore, this is not about having more visibility in the Social Responsibility of the company, which is indeed a positive aspect, but rather about supporting responsible projects that provide added value to our business activity.

Companies where hiring opportunities exist are encouraged to understand this reality. They may also decide to “move differently”.

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