Happy Women’s International Day!

08 Mar Happy Women’s International Day!

Happy Women’s International Day!

Women’s role in society started to be recognized more than one century ago with a specific day, and though they do not need the arrival of March 8 to remind us of their worth, the assignment of that day to them by ONU in 1975 helps us remember in 2016 all that which is still to be done.

On Women’s International Day, we cannot forget to claim full equality of rights and, no less importantly, commemorate their struggle for participating in equal conditions with men in society, and their complete development as individuals.


Although international society made important progress to guarantee this equality, the truth is that there is still a lot to be done when it comes to employment. The average salary in women is 24% lower, and in almost 80 countries restrictions still exist for them regarding job types or working hours, as well as sectors excluded for them, such as mining or construction.

According to the latest study from Peterson Institute for International Economics released on last February, 60% of companies have men-only board of directors, and women have executive positions only in half of the world’s companies.

In addition to this, the International Labour Organisation (ILO) remembers that it will take at least 70 years for women and men to receive the same salary.  Can you believe it!

As Google states today in their own tribute to women: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

How is this managed in your work environment?

We must all learn to assess whether a salary gap exists between both genders, the work environment is free from sexual harassment, non-sexist language is used, family life and work can be truly reconciled, and there is equal opportunities in the access to management positions and training.

In ActionsDATA we have been taking these issues seriously for some years, and we started by performing a diagnosis of the situation, classifying our measures for creating our first  Equality Plan aimed at achieving the proposed goals, and making sure that equal treatment and opportunities exist between the women and men of our large family.

Although all the parameters measured were very satisfactory after that first plan, we renewed this commitment with equality subsequently by reviewing all the indicators established for tracking and complying with the goals where annual improvements can be reached in order for fair, equal and healthy work relationships to be achieved.

A lot has been done, but we should remember every day all the work that is still to be done.

-> We would like to show our special gratitude to another woman, illustrator Mónica Carretero, who gave us the right to use the lovely image that accompanies this entry.

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