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25 Feb Provide Suzuki Motor Ibérica with services: the success of our relationship

In the last few years, we often listened to forecasts by consumers and marketing professionals on the end of the telephone channel as useful contact method and the appearance of a new, less “démodé”, communication channel.

It is true that new media and supports currently exist, and that technology allows developing a multichannel relationship with customers or, more specifically, an omni-channel relationship aimed at satisfying a customer with a new permanently interconnected profile. However, let’s not forget that eight out of ten consumers considers essential the telephone contact with companies.


Our experience with Suzuki Motor Ibérica confirms the success of implementing a multichannel communication plan, which has reinforced and kept alive the direct communication with the owner of a Suzuki vehicle, by exceeding his/her expectations and recognizing the telemarketing services provided by ActionsDATA, which was considered the Second best Call Centre of the brand worldwide after their latest Group conference held in 2015.

Since we started our relationship in 2004, the initial interest of Suzuki was their customers, establishing a direct contact with them and detecting their values, interests and needs. Our commitment was to provide them with the tools required for successful multidisciplinary tracking and a transparent link to maintain communication and information access at all times.

A long-term comprehensive plan requires reinforcing loyalty and brand reference in the customer throughout the entire life of the vehicle in order to develop loyalty. To do so, it is necessary to understand the importance of making a customer support phone number available to consumers, as this is one of the basic pillars in brand relationship, emphasizing the significance of having a good call centre.

Telemarketing pursues excellence in obtaining information on both the purchase process and post-sale surveys. From the satisfaction reached in the visit to the dealer we obtain a synthetic index on the sale quality.


A good customer support service increases customer satisfaction and brand reputation and image.

All of this is possible if technology capable of processing all the information is used.  DATA OBSERVER, our CRM technological platform, includes a specific, natively-integrated Contact Centre module, which our R+D+i department evolves constantly, supporting the merge of technology and marketing to provide information access and usability to the agent and accounts managers.

However, a good service cannot be understood without considering the knowledge gained from the data obtained.  The analysis or, if preferred, the business intelligence, becomes essential for identifying the values and the importance given by customers to Suzuki services, offering a social and demographic profile that allows detecting segments and typologies of consumers with different response probabilities. This results in sufficient criteria for designing future action lines.


Provide knowledge in a multidimensional and comprehensive approach, facilitates decision making and information processing in future actions.


Thanks to best practices in analysis and appropriate training of the telemarketing team, the conversion into sales rate on arranged visits grew by 155% with respect to 2012 last year.  In this spring campaign, our contact with a very specific customer segment had a 178% increase in garage visits with respect to other customers, which led to a higher ROI.

In light of the success obtained in  the last few years with the car range, where the satisfaction levels with garage and points of sale services exceeded 80%, our customer recently relied on us for managing the Customer Support Service of Suzuki Motorbikes

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