Using digital transformation for a better impact

22 Sep Using digital transformation for a better impact

Today, we assist to the 22nd edition of ‘eShow Madrid’. An International Internet business event, that comes back to Madrid to introduce the last novelties and tendencies that are revolutionizing the digital business world.

eShowMAD16We visit some stands of old known in B2B Hosting and databases as Arsys and Kompass, and we share our experience in educational sector with IEBS business school, the International Marketing Institute and always interesting ICEMD for marketing professionals.

We also had the opportunity to talk to Francisco Lucas from Asirtec regarding ecommerce, with the logistic company Packlink and with Mailboxes about their catchment needs, also to share projects as Emarketplace for SME of Correos, exchange opinions with the marketing responsible of Correos Express, Juan Carlos Patón, and have lunch with the marketing manager of Securitas Spain, Marta Bernal.

Which are the conclusions that we bring back home, regarding the final customer?

After a frantic journey, inmersed in a digital world, some papers, and exchange of views with some of them, we conclude on something that we have been observing, and that it’s becoming more evident: consumer doesn’t want to get impacted with more product indiscriminately.

Meanwhile investing in digital media advertising accounts 25,5% of total investment in conventional means, 80% of content posted on the Internet, never gets read.

Is obvious that digital transformation have brought new technologies, Mobile and Cloud applied to online sales, Wearables, social technology DSP, Feed Management Platforms, and tons of amazing solutions, that enable Internet Sales in Spain reached 12.81 billion euros in 2016.

So, if we have technical means, advertising investment, and sales grows, we could conclude that everything works well. However excessive noise, makes even more difficult to capture the consumer attention, and even more, loyalty. The wheel could stop turning as it does now.

Reminds us Pedro Muñoz (Outbrain & partners), If we want to generate engagement, and stablish a relationship far away from sales, is necessary to create value, intrusive and invasive formats, has caused that 35% of Internet European users already use an ad blocker.

The best ally, is the quality content and a good use of Big Data to impact in our target, but less intrusive.

Ah!, and of course, not so much product. Most viral contents, are those who speak about feelings and emotions.

Does “lovemarks” sound familiar?

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