Universidad Europea contacted our company more than ten years ago with the purpose of increasing the number of enrolments. Recently, the recession in the market has led to optimize strategies.


ActionsDATA contemplates five groups of objectives:


A multichannel campaign and task force are initially implemented. ActionsDATA made available to Universidad Europea their CRM tool (DATA Observer), where data and cataloguing of customers and potential customers were integrated from the very beginning and, at the same time, linking this information with the University’s dataware.


Using segmentation techniques, at least 15 segments are identified.
All this led to constant tracking of students, ensuring and speeding up proactivity. The flexibility of the tool involved constant innovation, taking the customer needs into account at all times.


Management is improved, optimizing resources by 159%. As the cost of the actions is known, the ROI of the action by segment is also optimized.

In addition to avoiding the economic recession with a higher number of enrolments (which increased by 36%, managing 47% less of potential students), the customer managed to use a customized CRM. This powerful tool permitted them to manage efficiently information entries of different types of students, discovering new market niches.


Optimizing resources by 159%.


Enrolments increased by 36%.