Frank Schoepgens



The Marketing Department of Zielo Shopping Pozuelo is interested in increasing the knowledge about their customers and their attitudes in relation to the Shopping Centre.


ActionsDATA proposes the establishment of customer TYPES based on their characteristics, behaviour, habits and satisfaction level.

The purpose is to know the POSITIONING and RENOWN of the establishment, its strengths and improvement areas.
As such, the field work is developed through on-site surveys and telemarketing in homes within the influence area.


Therefore, we propose a quantitative study for which ActionsData made available to Zielo Shopping Pozuelo their knowledge on Database Marketing, Business Intelligence and Contact Center.


The market research reveals that the distinguishing features of Zielo Shopping Pozuelo are the quality of their services and the customer service, the fact of being a shopping centre of a suitable size, its comfort and welcoming atmosphere.
Eight types of customers with different values are established, which facilitates implementing differentiated strategies.