The idea of CRM as service (SaaS) and the merge between technology and marketing are the basis of our work.

Our system meets the capacities for storing data and analysing data, allowing the strategy required for achieving the marketing objectives to be adapted.


The basic pillars of our work are: 





Specialized in data processing, we manage this essential process in order to design a long-term strategy.

We create and capture new data in a massive way. As such, we debug your database in order to be enriched through normalization and deduplication processes (Data Cleaning).

Marketing Actions (Precision MK)

Our global marketing actions cope with strategies in a comprehensive manner (Direct Marketing, Conquest and Loyalty), implementing our key precision marketing idea.

We use the most innovative technologies to ensure that the maximum number of leads/prospects is incorporated, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the churn rate.

Data Analysis

We put statistical techniques and maths at the disposal of the Marketing service for turning data into business strategic opportunities.

Statistics, mathematics, artificial intelligence, geomarketing and micromarketing are the techniques we use for data modelling, transforming data into knowledge for marketing decision making.

We consider essential to resolve the following questions:


How customers are?


 By enriching databases and using agglomerative analytical techniques, we create customer typologies.

What is the strategic value of customers?


A Value Matrix is obtained through quantitative techniques, allowing to direct actions to specific targets.

What is the probability of customers to behave in a specific way?


Probabilistic models allow anticipating the customer behaviour.  That way, we can act against possible actions like fraud, abandonment or cross-selling.